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Tovar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Country of origin: Croatia
Region: Dalmatia
Olive grove: Pločica (island Brač)
Producer: Alexander and Cécile Hana
Process: hand-picked, extracted by centrifugation
Variety: Monocultivar Oblica
Profile: intense sweetness, slightly spicy, pleasantly bitter, freshly cut grass

The story

In 2013, Cécile and Alex Hana discovered the olive grove Pločica on the island Brac, and instantly fell in love with the place and the trees and decided to set off on this adventure. Friends from the island generously shared their knowledge and helped putting the grove back in shape. Since then, every October, friends from Switzerland and Brac come to pick the wonderful olives to produce this unique oil.

The Oil

Oblica is a local olive varietal that is especially adapted for the stony lime-soils of the island Brač. In order to produce the best quality olive oil possible, Tovar follows the golden rules of olive oil production with diligence and love: No pesticides are used and attention is paid to biodiversity. Every year, in early spring the trees are carefully trimmed to open them up for more sunshine and air, and to make them more resistant to diseases.

As the level of maturity of the olive has a great impact on the oil’s quality and taste, the olives for the Tovar olive oil are harvested when they turn from green to purple. Carefully hand-picked, they are brought to the local centrifuge at the end of every harvest day. This, to prevent any fermentation that could further impact the oil’s taste. For the production of Tovar oil, we apply artisanal techniques and combine them with the modern technology of extraction by centrifugation. Further contributors to the exceptional taste of this oil, are the numerous days of sunshine, the Adriatic winds, the influence of the sea and the stony lime soils.

In order to benefit from all the oil’s qualities, protect it against light and air and store it in a cool place, but not the fridge. And lastly: enjoy it!

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